First Three Months of Pregnancy


Are you expectant women experiencing the first trimester of pregnancy?  Though you might not have developed a baby bump yet there is no denying that the little heart is beating inside you. How many of you find it easy to play a host? Well, whether you like it or not your body will be a host to a beautiful little life for next nine months.
And to do that in the best manner possible your body will undergo many changes physically- internally as well as externally.
Haven’t you already felt the rush of hormones, rapid mood swings, sudden influx of irritability and increased fatigue levels?


First trimester starts from week one of conceiving up to the end of thirteenth week. Which week you are in can be easily calculated by counting weeks to your due date provided you had regular periods. If not then you may want to consult your doctor for the same.

Doctors at Mother Care Hospital Jogeshwari West are known for their precision so that things go just the right way with you.

The meeting of a cell and formation of an embryo is certain by now. This embryo makes its place on your uterine wall and this is where your baby starts taking shape.
Some of the most significant developments that happen in the first trimester are-

> week 6 marks the development of arms, legs, hands as well ad feet.
> fingers and toes sprout in 10th week.
> between week 5-8 skin begins to form giving way to hair follicles as well as nail beds.
>  week 8 is crucial as your baby’s digestive system forms at this time.
> between 8-13 week your baby  develops skin receptors from tip to toe.
> by the end of 8th week your baby’s retina would have formed.
> baby’s heartbeat can be heard in your eight to ninth weekly ultrasound.
> a baby also has his sense of taste ready to enjoy all the yummy food that you have by the end of eight week.


Morning sickness can strike anytime from morning to mid night. While with some lucky ones it happens only in the first trimester the others suffer with this throughout. Specialists at Mother Care Maternity Clinic may help you sail through it a little more comfortably.

Tender breasts
Your breast might not seem to be yours in size and feel. Yes pregnancy does that to your breast a little bigger, tingly and tender

Report to doctor immediately if there is:

> vaginal bleeding
> you feel chills or back ache.
> pain in abdomen.
> pain while urinating.
> excessive white discharge.

> choose your doctor wisely.
> start with prenatal vitamins.
> follow a light work out routine.
> try staying away from junk and fatty food. You are as it is on your way to increasing a lot of weight.

Mothercare maternity clinic is one of the best maternity clinics in Mumbai and has a solution to all your pregnancy and conceiving related issues.


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