Tips to prepare for the arrival of a new Baby


Becoming a parent can be the most unnerving experience of life, especially if you are expecting your first child. We at Mothercare Maternity Clinic understand that taking care of a newborn child is not a cakewalk but preparing for it in advance can help you to some extent. Therefore to help you in your journey, we hereby provide you with a list of top five things to prepare for the arrival of your newborn child:

Buy the essential items

Make a list of all essential items that you are going to need once the baby arrives and start buying them without unnecessary delay. Doing this ensure that you purchase all essential items and might as well save some money buying from the right stores. Remember to include items such as bedding, bottles, diapers and baby care kit etc. in your list.

Prepare your hospital bag

Take some time out to prepare your hospital bag weeks before your due date. You hospital bag should be packed with all the items you and your newborn baby will need. This include some lose and comfortable clothes for you, pillow, soap and some bathing items, clothing for your baby, diapers.

Educate yourself

You can ask about how to care for your baby from the ladies of your house or read books about pregnancy and childcare to educate yourself beforehand. Knowing what is normal and what is not in advance will help you to understand changes and developments in your and your child’ health.

Learn the basic skill set

If you are expecting your first baby, then you should consider attending classes for newborn baby care. These classes can provide you with the knowledge about holding, bathing, feeding and cleaning a newborn baby.

Prepare your house

Prepare your house to welcome a newborn child by making sure that everything that comes in contact with your child is safe, soft and completely hygienic. This includes washing bed sheets, towels and making use of baby friendly dyes, paints and sprays etc.

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