The best maternity style tips

dr jayesh sheth jogeshwari, Mothercare maternity clinic Mother Care Maternity & Surgical Nursing Home,

During pregnancy the shape and size of your body keeps changing on a constant basis. The dress you were wearing in the first four week is of no use in the last four weeks of your pregnancy. But it does not mean that you can’t stay trendy and fashionable.

Your body changes always amid pregnancy, some of the time even daily. Managing dresses for those precious nine months can prove to be a complicated task for you. But by following few tips you can give yourself a perfect look.

  • If you are a jeans lover, than you can purchase jeans and pant to put on during pregnancy. You should search for stretchable jeans that will make you feel comfortable amid your pregnancy. During first few months you can also give a try to over the bump jeans.
  • You can also buy some newly fashioned maternity long tops and accessorize them with scarves and big necklaces to look trendy. Maternity tops are designed in a way to make you feel more comfortable. These tops can be used for long time during this period.
  • Long tunic and kurtis with leggings will be the perfect dress up for those who go to office during their pregnancy. This look will last your entire pregnancy and is sufficiently adaptable to wear each season.
  • Nowadays maternity clothes are designed by keeping comfort and style in view. But during your pregnancy you also need to be careful while choosing bra for you. You should try to wear maternity bra of the right size. Avoid wearing tight clothes as it will not be a healthy habit during your pregnancy.

Mother Care Maternity recommends wearing clothes of your choice by taking care of your comfort level.





5 thoughts on “The best maternity style tips

  1. When it comes to dressing during pregnancy, comfort and style are key and this article provide various tips as to what to wear during pregnancy…it’s very helpful as ladies come across various problem as to what to wear …thank you for writing such blogs ..


  2. i am 6 month pregnant and have to go for the party but is uncertain as to what to wear. Could any one share penny of their thoughts with me???


  3. Some women like to show-off their bump and some may not like to do so. And I am the one who don’t like to show off. But it is very necessary for every pregnant woman to dress-up properly. Thanks for sharing an informative article…very beneficial for pregnant women specially for me.


  4. hi radhika i would like you to go through this blog by mother care maternity clinic…it’s very helpful and is quite amazing..i have personally followed the things mentioned in this me guys one of the best blog


  5. Me and my wife both were unhappy with our married life because we can`t have child. Then one of my colleague suggested me to go for mothercare which is good fertility clinic. Now we are having one son & living happy life. Thanks to all the staff & doctor for my normal delivery.


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